I was born in rural America. My Mother and Father’s parents were farmers so I grew up with the homesteading/farming influence in the early years of my life. My father was in the Navy so we also moved frequently and settled into a more citified life and as I grew older and moved out on my own I no longer had the gardens, animals and the old ways were replaced with newer more modern things. But I never lost the happiness and joy I remembered living on the land, picking vegetables from the garden for dinner, my grandfather milking the cows and helping feed the pigs and chickens. I also remember that the food tasted more natural, so different from the sometimes almost tasteless food we buy in the stores today.

So this brings me round to returning back to the land again in my lifetime. Coming full circle back to the memories of my childhood. But with a bit of a twist, and that being that we now have technology that needn’t be left behind. Technology that will help us become more productive with our venture and help us create a better life for ourselves and create a more sustainable future for the earth and the resources we use daily.

I will try and share our journey with you and post many articles which I think will be beneficial to anyone living off the land. You are welcome to send relevant information also.

So stay tuned we are about to embark on a wild ride back to the future.